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Dutch Key Figures

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Datas updated at each update or creation of MPA sheet.
Collecting information on Marine protected areas (OSPAR) is still in progress. The figures we have today are not completely comprehensive.
The figures presented on this page are related to waters under Dutch jurisdiction

Table of reference surface areas of maritime zones used for the calculations

Please note: All the surface areas have been calculated using geomatic tools, as has the TOTAL; it is not a 'manual' sum via the table.
The surface areas are projected in 'Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area' (EPSG 3035) and are in square kilometres (km²)

Surface area of Dutch maritime areas included in OSPAR region

surface area of the 3-nautical mile limit (km²)
surface area of the 12 NM limit (km²)surface area of the EEZ (km²)
Netherlands6169.7213770 64347.35

Surface of OSPAR areas

Marine surface area (km²)
Arctic Waters5491483,54
Greater North Sea766884,79
Celtic seas366358,21
Bay of Biscay and Iberian Coast533432,69
Wider Atlantic6316602,86

First and last MPAs designated by the OSPAR Convention

Name / Designation - Position
Total marine surface area (km²)
The first
The latest

From the largest to the smallest MPA designated by the OSPAR Convention

Name / Designation - Position
Marine surface area (km²)
largest marine surface area
smallest marine surface area

Number, surface area and representativeness of MPAs designated by the OSPAR Convention


Please note: the 'number of MPAs' has a low degree of confidence. Indeed, some MPA OSPAR can overlap.

Dutch MPA OSPAR / total number of MPA OSPAR network (%)Cumulative marine surface area (km²)Marine surface area of Dutch MPA / total surface of the OSPAR Maritime area (%)Marine surface area of Dutch MPA / total surface area of Dutch waters (%)Marine surface area of Dutch MPA / total surface area of the MPA OSPAR network (%)
Marine protected area (OSPAR)51.088353.340.0612.982.15

Number and percentage: surface area of MPA OSPAR by maritime zone

Maritime zone

Number of MPAs
Total marine surface area (km²)Percentage (in surface area) of sites classed as MPAs/the maritime zone considered (%)
Within the 3 nautical mile limit00
Within territorial seas (12 nautical miles)00
Within waters under jurisdiction (200 nautical miles)00

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    updated on 17/02/2016