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ALBORG BUGT, ØSTLIGE DEL - Marine protected area (OSPAR )

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  • Country:
  • Name of MPA:
  • Designation in national language:
    Marine protected area (OSPAR )
  • Status:
  • Status year:
  • WDPA ID::
  • WDPA PID::
Marine Areas Network Map

General information

  • WDPA ID : 555556912
  • WDPA PID : 555556912
  • Original name of MPA: Ålborg Bugt, østlige del
  • Country: Denmark
  • Designation in national language: Marine protected area (OSPAR )
  • Designation in English: Marine protected area (OSPAR )
  • Designation type: international
  • IUCN Category: Not applicable
  • Reported marine area: 1 774,00 km²
  • Calculated total area: 1 775,93 km²
  • Calculated marine area: 1 775,88 km²
  • Status: Designated
  • Status year: 2009
  • OSPAR region: Greater North Sea
  • Management authority name:  
  • Management authority web site:  

  • OSPAR conservation objectives/aims:
    • Protect, conserve and restore species, habitats and ecological processes which have been adversely affected by human activities
  • Site conservation objectives/aims:
    • To maintain, conserve or restore biodiversity, natural heritage, habitats, species or landscapes with legal protection status
  • Additional conservation objectives/aims:
    • To improve governance on the MPA territory

Marine species and habitats


Warning : Non-exhaustive list of species and habitats with statuses, provided by the manager.

  • Inventory of marine species present with protection status
    • Species present
      Species under status
      Class WoRMS Code Species present
      (and which justified the designation )
      Aves 137073 Melanitta nigra ( ) registration lists
        137074 Somateria mollissima ( ) registration lists
  • Inventory of marine habitats present with protection status Data not reported

Uses and activities

  • Human activities currently known to be occurring within the site:
    • Activities on the coast
      • Sand Yacht/Speed sailing
      • Kite flying
    • Sports and water sports (at sea)
      • Swimming
      • Kitesurfing
      • Surfing/Windsurfing
      • Kayak/Canoe
      • Scuba diving
    • Navigation, sailing
      • Mooring, anchoring
    • Recreational fishing
      • Leisure shell fishing
      • Onboard recreational fishing
    • Professional fishing, trades line
      • Professional bottom long line fishing
    • Shipping traffic
    • Overflight


  • Governing body:Yes  
    • Structure(s) responsible for implementing management measures, the management plan and taking regulatory decisions and measures
      • National public authority: Yes (Danish Agency for Water and Nature Management )
      • Regional or local public authority: Data not reported
      • International body : Data not reported

    Resources (staff, equipment and financial)


    Management plan

    • Is the MPA management documented? Yes
    • Comments : The 2nd generation management plan for the site was published in april 2016. A baseline analysis for the site containing some of the required information such as distribution of habitats and threats, was published in dec. 2013, and updated in dec 2014
    • Are the measures to achieve the conservation objectives being implemented? No response
    • Comments : None applicable
    • Is monitoring in place to assess if measures are working? No response
    • Comments : None applicable
    • Is the MPA moving towards or has reached its conservation objectives? No response
    • Comments : None applicable
    • Number of management plan versions since the official designation of the MPA: 1  
    • Management plan #1
      • General information
        • Level of achievement of the management plan: Is implemented
      • Validity of the management plan
        • Date of start of validity the 1st management document: 01/01/2016
        • Date of start of validity of the current management document: 01/01/2016
        • Official duration of management plan implementation. 6 years


    • National legal status:
      • None
    • International legal status:
      • Birds Directive - N2000 ID = -1
    • Type of enforcement within the MPA:
      • Data not reported
    • Human uses and activities in the MPA subject to regulations:
    Human uses and activities in the MPA subject to regulations.
     Regulated Permanent
      Professional bivalve dredging
      Pisciculture (fish farming)
      Shellfish farming (e.g. oysters, mussels)
      Extraction of non-living resources (e.g. aggregates, oil and gas, etc.)
      Waste disposal
      Energy production
      Military activities
      Scientific Research
     Prohibited Permanent
      Professional bottom trawling
      Seiner (danish seine, scottish seiner)
      Professional pelagic trawling
      Professional gillnet fishing
      Professional trammel net (tangle net) fishing
      Professional long line fishing (pelagic)
      Professional jigging fishing (active gear with one or many hooks)
      Professional pole and line fishing


    • Type of monitoring programs implemented:
      • Regular monitoring programme concerning species
        Species under status
        Class WoRMS Code Species regularly monitored (Entity responsible for monitoring)
        Aves Melanitta nigra (MPA management authority/organisation)
          Somateria mollissima (MPA management authority/organisation)

    OSPAR criteria for designation

    • Ecological significance:
      • Data not reported
    • Level of importance of the biological diversity: Data not reported
    • Level of representativity: Data not reported
    • Level of sensitivity: Data not reported
    • Level of naturalness: Data not reported
    • Potential for restoration: Data not reported
    • Degree of MPA acceptance by stakeholders: High
    • Potential for success of management measures: High
    • Potential future damage to the area by human activities: Data not reported
    • Scientific value Data not reported


    Natura 2000-plan 2016-2021. Ålborg Bugt, østlige del - Danish Agency for Water and Nature Management

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      updated on 25/01/2019