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  • Country:
  • Name of MPA:
  • Designation in national language:
    Area marina protegida (OSPAR)
  • Status:
  • Status year:
  • WDPA ID::
  • WDPA PID::
Marine Areas Network Map

General information

  • WDPA ID : 555593029
  • WDPA PID : 555593029
  • Original name of MPA: Sistema de cañones submarinos de Aviles
  • Country: Spain
  • Designation in national language: Area marina protegida (OSPAR)
  • Designation in English: Marine protected area (OSPAR )
  • Designation type: international
  • IUCN Category: Not applicable
  • Reported marine area: 3 390,26 km²
  • Calculated total area: 3 388,72 km²
  • Calculated marine area: 3 388,72 km²
  • Status: Proposed
  • Status year: 2016
  • OSPAR region: Bay of Biscay and Iberian Coast
  • Management authority name: Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente
  • Management authority web site:

  • OSPAR conservation objectives/aims:
    • Protect, conserve and restore species, habitats and ecological processes which have been adversely affected by human activities
    • Prevent degradation of, and damage to, species, habitats and ecological processes, following the precautionary principle
    • Protect and conserve areas that best represent the range of species, habitats and ecological processes in the maritime area
  • Site conservation objectives/aims:
    • To maintain, conserve or restore biodiversity, natural heritage, habitats, species or landscapes with legal protection status
  • Additional conservation objectives/aims:
    • To maintain key ecological functions (spawning areas, nursery grounds, feeding zones, resting areas, areas of high productivity, etc.)

Marine species and habitats

Warning : Non-exhaustive list of species and habitats with statuses, provided by the manager.

  • Inventory of marine species present with protection status
    • Species present
      Species under status
      Class WoRMS Code Species present
      (and which justified the designation )
      Aves 137147 Larus melanocephalus registration lists
        137162 Sterna hirundo registration lists
        137189 Hydrobates pelagicus registration lists
        137194 Calonectris diomedea registration lists
        445503 Puffinus mauretanicus registration lists
      Mammalia 137087 Balaenoptera acutorostrata registration lists
        137091 Balaenoptera physalus registration lists
        137094 Delphinus delphis registration lists
        137097 Globicephala melas registration lists
        137098 Grampus griseus registration lists
        137102 Orcinus orca registration lists
        137107 Stenella coeruleoalba registration lists
        137111 Tursiops truncatus ( ) registration lists
        137117 Phocoena phocoena registration lists
        137119 Physeter macrocephalus registration lists
        137121 Mesoplodon bidens registration lists
        137127 Ziphius cavirostris registration lists
      Reptilia 137205 Caretta caretta ( ) registration lists
  • Inventory of marine habitats present with protection status
    • Present habitats (and which justified the designation )
      Espèces sous statut

      Habitats listed in Annex I to the 'Habitats' directive

      1170: Reefs ( )

      Habitats listed by the OSPAR Convention

      Carbonate mounds
      Lophelia pertusa reefs

Uses and activities

  • Human activities currently known to be occurring within the site:
    • Professional fishing, trailing gear
      • Professional bottom trawling
      • Seiner (danish seine, scottish seiner)
    • Professional fishing with pelagic trawlers
      • Professional pelagic trawling
    • Professional fishing, trades line
      • Professional bottom long line fishing
    • Extraction / deposit
      • Waste disposal
    • Shipping traffic


  • Governing body:No
    • Structure(s) responsible for implementing management measures, the management plan and taking regulatory decisions and measures
      • National public authority: Yes (Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación)
      • Regional or local public authority: No
      • International body : No

    Resources (staff, equipment and financial)

    • Number of permanent staff: Data not reported
    • Number of seasonal staff: Data not reported
    • Annual full-time equivalents: Data not reported
    • Number of MPA staff empowered to enforce the MPA regulations: Data not reported
    • Equipment and facilities available
      • Data not reported
    • Average total annual budget over the last 5 years: Data not reported euros
    • Average annual operating budget over the last 5 years: Data not reported euros
    • Average annual equipment budget over the last 5 years: Data not reported euros
    • Average annual external support budget over the last 5 years: Data not reported euros
    • Funding sources:
      • Data not reported

    Management plan

    • Is the MPA management documented? No
    • Comments : MPA management plan is to be developed under the Integrated LIFE Project INTEMARES. This action is currently delayed but expected to begin by next year.
    • Are the measures to achieve the conservation objectives being implemented? Partial
    • Comments : Conservation measures included in article 46 of Spanish Law 42/2007 - Environmental assessment is required for any plan, program or project that may affect habitats or species, taking into account the conservation objectives of the protected area.
    • Is monitoring in place to assess if measures are working? No
    • Comments : This area has been declared as protected quite recently aso there is still no monitoring measures working. Monitoring of the species protrected by this area will be developed within the monitoring plans for marine strategies
    • Is the MPA moving towards or has reached its conservation objectives? Unknown
    • Comments : This area has been declared as protected quite recently, therefore there has been no update to its conservation assessment yet
    • Number of management plan versions since the official designation of the MPA:


    • National legal status:
      • None
    • International legal status:
      • Habitats Directive - WDPA ID = 0
    • Type of enforcement within the MPA:
      • Data not reported
    • Human uses and activities in the MPA subject to regulations: None


    • Type of monitoring programs implemented: Data not reported

    OSPAR criteria for designation

    • Ecological significance:
      • Important feeding, breeding, moulting, wintering or resting area
      • A high natural biological productivity of the species or features being represented
    • Level of importance of the biological diversity: High
    • Level of representativity: Data not available
    • Level of sensitivity: Data not available
    • Level of naturalness: Data not available
    • Potential for restoration: Data not available
    • Degree of MPA acceptance by stakeholders: Data not available
    • Potential for success of management measures: Data not available
    • Potential future damage to the area by human activities: High
    • Scientific value Data not available

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      updated on 25/01/2019