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ALLONBY BAY - Marine protected area (OSPAR )

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  • Country:
    United Kingdom
  • Name of MPA:
  • Designation in national language:
    Marine protected area (OSPAR )
  • Status:
  • Status year:
  • WDPA ID::
  • WDPA PID::
Marine Areas Network Map

General information

  • WDPA ID : 555622017
  • WDPA PID : 555622017
  • Name of MPA: ALLONBY BAY
  • Original name of MPA: Allonby Bay
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Designation in national language: Marine protected area (OSPAR )
  • Designation in English: Marine protected area (OSPAR )
  • Designation type: international
  • IUCN Category: Not applicable
  • Reported marine area: 39,06 km²
  • Calculated marine area: 37,85 km²
  • Status: Designated
  • Status year: 2016
  • OSPAR region: Celtic Seas
  • Management authority name: Natural England
  • Management authority web site:

  • OSPAR conservation objectives/aims:
    • Protect, conserve and restore species, habitats and ecological processes which have been adversely affected by human activities
    • Prevent degradation of, and damage to, species, habitats and ecological processes, following the precautionary principle
    • Protect and conserve areas that best represent the range of species, habitats and ecological processes in the maritime area
  • Site conservation objectives/aims:
    • To maintain, conserve or restore biodiversity, natural heritage, habitats, species or landscapes with legal protection status
  • Additional conservation objectives/aims:
    • Data not reported

Marine species and habitats

Warning : Non-exhaustive list of species and habitats with statuses, provided by the manager.

  • Inventory of marine species present with protection status Data not reported
  • Inventory of marine habitats present with protection status
    • Present habitats (and which justified the designation )
      Espèces sous statut

      EUNIS habitats

      A1.1 High energy littoral rock ( )
      A1.2 Moderate energy littoral rock ( )
      A1.3 Low energy littoral rock ( )
      A2.1 Littoral coarse sediment ( )
      A2.2 Littoral sand and muddy sand ( )
      A2.7 Littoral biogenic reefs ( )
      A3.2 Atlantic and Mediterranean moderate energy infralittoral rock ( )
      A5.1 Sublittoral coarse sediment ( )
      A5.2 Sublittoral sand ( )
      A5.4 Sublittoral mixed sediments ( )
      A5.6 Sublittoral biogenic reefs ( )

Uses and activities

  • Human activities currently known to be occurring within the site:


  • Governing body:Data not reported
    • Structure(s) responsible for implementing management measures, the management plan and taking regulatory decisions and measures
      • National public authority: Data not reported
      • Regional or local public authority: Data not reported
      • International body : Data not reported

    Resources (staff, equipment and financial)

    • Number of permanent staff: Data not reported
    • Number of seasonal staff: Data not reported
    • Annual full-time equivalents: Data not reported
    • Number of MPA staff empowered to enforce the MPA regulations: Data not reported
    • Equipment and facilities available
      • Data not reported
    • Average total annual budget over the last 5 years: Data not reported euros
    • Average annual operating budget over the last 5 years: Data not reported euros
    • Average annual equipment budget over the last 5 years: Data not reported euros
    • Average annual external support budget over the last 5 years: Data not reported euros
    • Funding sources:
      • Data not reported

    Management plan

    • Is the MPA management documented? Partial
    • Comments : Conservation objectives in designation order and factsheet (published 2016). Threats/pressures in pre-consultation advice. Spatial information on magic mapping tool. Actions and measures have not yet been developed.
    • Are the measures to achieve the conservation objectives being implemented? Partial
    • Comments : Licensable activities are subject to MCZ assessment, considering the likelihood of a threat/pressure and ensuring mitigation if required. Fisheries byelaws are in place for certain species and activities.
    • Is monitoring in place to assess if measures are working? Partial
    • Comments : Populations of breeding seabird features of the adjacent colony SPA periodically monitored by SNH
    • Is the MPA moving towards or has reached its conservation objectives? Unknown
    • Comments : Guillemot - 2014 - Unfavourable Declining, Puffin – 1999 - Favourable Maintained.
    • Number of management plan versions since the official designation of the MPA:


    • National legal status:
      • Other (please specify) - WDPA ID = 555588149 (Marine Conservation Zone)
    • International legal status:
      • None
    • Type of enforcement within the MPA:
      • Data not reported
    • Human uses and activities in the MPA subject to regulations: None


    • Type of monitoring programs implemented: Data not reported

    OSPAR criteria for designation

    • Ecological significance:
      • Data not available
    • Level of importance of the biological diversity: Data not available
    • Level of representativity: Very high / Outstanding
    • Level of sensitivity: High
    • Level of naturalness: High
    • Potential for restoration: Low / not significant
    • Degree of MPA acceptance by stakeholders: Medium
    • Potential for success of management measures: High
    • Potential future damage to the area by human activities: Low / not significant
    • Scientific value Medium

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      updated on 17/02/2016